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and LGBTQ+

on The Spectrum

Autism Acceptance and Job Creation Programs

Most tests for Autism are skewed for the male personality. Others are often diagnosed with BiPolar, ADHD, and Depression. Our mission is to educate parents, partners and the public on the symptoms and how to learn to interact with people on the Autism Spectrum.


SpectrumPink participates in several events. Check out our Events Page for more information and come by our booth to support our programs.

Ninety five percent (95%) of the items at our booth are handcrafted by Autistic Artists. Donations for these items not only help fund our programs but also provide income for these Artisans on the spectrum.

Due to Covid-19
we won't have any events until late 2022.
Please support our Artisans by Shopping Online.

Thank you!

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