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February 21, 2017

In the past five years, over four hundred people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents, relatives or caregivers.

On Wednesday, March 1st, the disability community will gather across the nation to remember these disabled victims of filicide – disabled people murdered by their family members or caregivers.

In the year since our last vigil, our community has lost 100 more people to filicide. These are just the cases that we are aware of – since we began monitoring this issue, we learn about more murders every week. We read the victims’ names, see their photographs, and gather what information we can about their lives. The criminal justice system has continued to give lighter sentences to parents and caregivers who murder disabled children. And we have seen both news and entertainment media continue to portray these murders in a sympathetic light.

We hold the Day of Mourning vigils to draw attention to these injustices, to commemorate the lives of victims, and demand justice and equal protection under the law for all people with disabilities.

For the last six years, ASAN, ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, the National Council on Independent Living, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, the American Association of People with Disabilities, and other disability rights organizations have come together to send a clear message that disability is not a justification for violence. We’ll be at our local vigils on Wednesday, March 1st – and we hope to see you there.

2017 Vigil Sites


ARIZONA Tucson, AZ Tom Racey,

CALIFORNIA Berkeley, CA Dolores Tejada,

Los Angeles, CA Daniel Au Valencia,

Port Hueneme, CA Karen Reilly,

Sacramento, CA Ashley Robertson,

FLORIDA Tallahassee, FL Elizabeth Wang,

Tampa, FL Cat Daly,

GEORGIA Atlanta, GA Bennett Gaddes,

ILLINOIS Chicago, IL Amanda Burkhart,

MASSACHUSETTS Boston, MA Finn Gardiner,

Salem, MA Hala O’Keeffe,

MICHIGAN Grand Haven, MI Asa Rosema,

MISSOURI Kansas City, MO Spencer Hunley,

NEVADA Reno, NV Deidre Hammon,

NEW JERSEY Edison, NJ Carole Tonks,

NEW YORK Bronxville, NY Emma Graydon,

New York City, NY Elizabeth Rosenzweig,

Purchase, NY Michelle P Mitchell,

Rochester, NY Ericka Jones,

Syracuse, NY Elly Wong,

NORTH CAROLINA Asheville, NC Christiania Mullis,

Rocky Mount, NC Joshua White,

OREGON Portland, OR Rebekah Hunter

PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh, PA Cori Frazer,

TEXAS The Woodlands, TX Kristin Ongeri,

TENNESSEE Nashville, TN Chad Beadles,

Pulaski, TN Candace Henshaw,

UTAH Salt Lake City, UT Stacy Stanford,

VIRGINIA Manassas, VA Mary Lopez,

Williamsburg, VA Haley Outlaw,

WASHINGTON STATE Seattle, WA Zack Siddeek,

WASHINGTON, DC Ma’ayan Anafi,


Vancouver, BC Vivian Ly & Sam McCulligh,;

Winnipeg, MB Baden Gaeke Franz,

Halifax, NS Alex Kronstein,

Guelph, ON Jennifer Howell,

London, ON LAST (London Autistics Standing Together),


Brisbane Caitlin McGuren,

Sydney Robin Eames,

Virtual vigil

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